Young Bucks

Just as we were completing a very enjoyable two-year tenure as Artistic Directors of London Youth Circus with the show "Not To Scale", we were also completing a year-long project for the brilliant CAST Academy project which saw us writing and directing "I saw an Elephant Fly" for 70 pupils of special educational needs schools in our local county borough.

2013 has been a pleasurably busy year-out from the pressure to invent, fundraise for and stage new touring shows. Instead of that mode which got us established, we've been seizing the opportunities that have come knocking on our door in the form of collaborations, commissions and artist residencies - they help us understand the wider arts landscape, and shape us into better creative practitoners by working with intelligent and creative arts leaders and most of all, improve our work as directors/choreographers of young and emerging performers.

Take a bow: RCT Theatres, National Centre for Circus Arts, Walk The Plank, London's Roundhouse, DEDA (Derby) and, as always, The Riverfront's Nicolas Young (we're going to stop there, before we sound like we're picking-up an award).

By far, the most immediately fruitful project of the last year has been Bridie's tenure as Artist in Residence at The Roses theatre in Tewkesbury. This reach into working with a forward-thinking organisation just outside the Welsh border led to our first successful funding bid to Arts Council England to research and develop a new show concept "Stags" [working title], which is already looking forward to a very bright future.

There are a few other exciting developments underway, and we'll post news about these as soon as we can.


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